winter is coming . . .

When in spring 2020 suddenly all my appointments fell victim to the pandemic,
I intended to use this unplanned »free time« for undisturbed work in the studio.
However, flow and peace of mind were missing – not only due to the daily news (and lack of earning opportunities), but also due to the uncertain perspective of when it might be possible to organize unbiased exhibitions and workshops again. A colleague wrote: “I got virtually nothing going in the studio, it was like a lapse, after any prospect of being able to »show« became superfluous”.
Being outside a lot and working in the garden was then very helpful – and above all, exposing new cyanotypes in the sun again and again! This fascination will certainly not end with the completion of my new book »BLAUE WUNDER«, which was published in September.
Which I’m very happy about, even if I couldn’t celebrate it at the Frankfurt Book Fair (cancelled) at the Haupt Verlag booth as usual (have a »look inside« the book under Publications).

Now I wish everyone good nerves and health for the coming months, and maybe I’ll even manage to have some brand new works in the store by Christmas, we’ll see…

…and now
go well
through the
dark season!

…also if it works out this time?
Please keep your fingers crossed!

First exhibition date 2021:
Look for me at blauvogelbuch

12. March – 14. March 2021
BuchDruckKunst – Erlesenes auf Papier
at Museum der Arbeit, Wiesendamm 3, Hamburg
(U-/S-Station Barmbek)
Opening on Friday, 12. March, at 5 p.m.