Marlis Maehrle


Age 4: Made my first origami box for my preschool’s advent calendar. Fell in love with paper.

Earned my first swimming badges. Fell in love with the water.

Despite an accidental enrollment in a math and sciences high school: Fell in love with literature and the English language.

1980/1981: Spent six months travelling and wwoofing (willing workers on organic farms) around New Zealand. Fell in love with the Pacific.

The pre-digital age: Cut stencils for screen printing and lettering. Fell in love with fonts and
characters from across all times and around the globe.

1984: My first summer in the United States. Drove cross-country from New York to
San Francisco — back to the Pacific! Fell in love with vast expanses.

1990: Degree in typography from the School of Visual Communication, Johannes-Gutenberg-Schule, Stuttgart. Fell in love with book design.

1995: The first of many summers teaching workshops on the American West Coast.
Fell in love with beach treasures.

Lived and worked in a former letterpress print shop. Fell in love with movable type and
worn-out wooden floorboards.

2009: Spent three months as an artist-in-residence in Mino, Japan. Fell in love all over again
with Asia and with paper.

2014: Moved into the expansive tranquility of the Lüneburg Heath.
Fell in love with small birds and big, old trees.

I’m a member of:
International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists  (IAPMA)

Interview: »Papier ist ein sanftes, sensibles Material«